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Rivers of Time


Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Rivers of TimeLife changes. The actors that play a role in your life change. As you grow older, and hopefully grow up; you realize this is not a universal phenomenon. People grow old-not necessarily grow up. If one is lucky enough to do so, there is a quiet sadness for those who do not. Their stunted personal growth hurts them, as well as others- in more ways than one. Unfortunately, they may be the only ones who fail to realize it.

As the river of time flows by; gently but surely, it changes the direction of lives of many. That unsure-ness of direction is the one thing we can be sure about. Those who grow up, support each other emotionally and morally. They form the bulwark of one’s life one rests against.Such people are blessed and form support for each other, giving ease to each other in rough patches.

Maureen Jenner rightly states in her piece for a blog, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” Age has nothing to do with maturity. It has to do with the internal and external influences that effects one’s personality. Growing up means a lot of different things to different people. What characteristics forms the make up of a ‘grown-up’ person and what does not? For one thing; being grown up means life is not all about you. Its also about others. Their feelings. Their hurts. Their turbulence. Being grown up means where not to cross a line. Being grown up means to respect feelings and give space to others to recover from a hurt. Being grown up means not meddling in matters that can inflict more pain and may lead to more hurt. Being grown up, above all means developing new wings of dignity.

As the rivers of time flow by; gently but surely, more people grow old than growing up.

Herein lies the tragedy of Mankind.