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You ‘Are’ one of the best Majjida Ahmed…


Yasmeen Aftab Ali


CherryBossomsA Dedication…..

Life is a flowing river of time. It takes away so much…and gives back so much. You meet so many as you whoosh along; to go together for sometime, to then go your separate ways… often not deliberately…but because the flowing river of time propels you in different directions.The propelling can be too powerful, too inevitable to fight back. To resist!

Grief is but natural at the separation. But grief is not the only residue. It also leaves behind memories. Some are bitter-sweet. Some make you smile.Others make you laugh. Yet others bring feeling of intense longing to have that person lost in the mists of time back in your life. Knowing it will not happen, yet you strain at every sound; that familiar footstep, the sound of a familiar laugh, the voice one longs to hear. You know, from now on this will exist in your memories only. 

The hollow inside you can be unbearable. There will be times one will find it difficult to cope with the loss. Yet there is every reason to celebrate the life and successes of one gone. Ah! The privilege to have known a wonderful being. Having been a part of that life, having that life be a part of our’s. The joy that association brings, bringing out the best in us. What a Blessed Being one must be; to bring out only the good in others!

Joon sharar ai hasti-e-be~bood yaan
      Baare hum bhi apni baari bhar chale

      Saaqiya yaan lag raha hai chal~chalaao
      Jab talak bus chal sake saaghar chale

      Dard kuchh m’aloom hai yeh log sab
      Kis taraf se aaye the keedhar chale

(Khwaaja Mir Dard)

Majjida Ahmed you were one of the best, the purest, the kindest. That’s why you will Never be ‘were’. You ‘ARE.’