Dareecha naveed-e bahar ka….


By: Raja Mujtaba

NaveedIn Memory of Naveed Tajammal

aie dost kaisay kahoon tujhay ‘alvidah’
naa dil naa hee dimagh kam karay

kahan say laoon woh ilfaz mai
jo mera hal-e dil bayan karay

woh aaj khud tareekh ho gia
jo dunia ki tareekh byan karay

woh dareecha tha naveed-e bahar ka
aaj uss ko kahan koi talash karay

alvida aye dost alvida
Aaj tujhay dunia rukhsat karay

Naveed Tajammal passed away at Shifa Hospital on 12th September 2014.


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  1. Beautiful sentiments in poetry from a friend, amidst the sound of silence.

    Very sorry to hear about the sad news.

    It was in July when you first told me about his DVT in the right leg. I somehow felt that this may end this way, so am not entirely surprised. I was silent, could not muster up enough courage to talk to you, despite trying many times, knowing that you must be under tremendous stress and anxiety.
    My prayers never get answered, but I still tried.

    One thing I have figured out about you, though we have never met in person. That you are a strong person, who will withstand and endure this loss much better than many others around you. I am sure it must be very difficult for the children as well.

    I will call you on your cell, as soon as I know I am strong enough to talk to you and that you will not cry. Have developed a strange bond with you, without even meeting.

    Take good care of yourself. I am with you in soul and spirit, if not in person.

    Your friend in Boston


  2. OBITUARY – Major (Retd) Naveed Tajammal.
    Son of the Late Maj Gen Tajammal.

    Dear Friends, I’m very sad to hear about Naveed’s passing away.

    Aside from being a friend on Facebook,he was very kind and respectful towards me. Called me once asking me of my Late father’s Army number. His brother,Waseem is another fine man and a good friend of mine.

    Naveed’s wife ,Yasmin Ali,an excellent person with high intellectualism is also a Facebook friend here.

    Naveed was a great human.Of high intellect. Research, and study of history was his passion. It was always a pleasure to read his studies,papers and short bios on military officers serving in Indian and Pakistan Armies,of Pre-Partition and subsequently.

    His study and writings on the coup of Gen Akbar in the Fifties, Ayub Khan’s takeover,were excellent pieces of research. He recounted all the events in detail with due diligence.

    A good friend. May Allah rest his soul in Peace.

    I will miss his writings. Naveed,rest in Peace.

    You did your duty,by sharing your immense knowledge with your fellow-humans while you were in this world.

    We are sure that Allah will have for you in Heaven,a beautiful room with all the books you need to carry on your brainstorming on human experience and history.

    A” A scintillating,brilliant mind,is truly a gift of God. ” Naveed Tajammal was gifted.

  3. I am so sorry to learn of Naveed’s “passing away”. I knew his father Tjammal when he was serving as G 2 Training in Staff college Quetta 1958–while I was going through the course. I met him later when he volunteered rather forced himself to go to East Pakistan in the crucial days. May both get their rewards and Allah’s grace and mercy

  4. For me to think even that naveed has left us so early is un thinable.for me he was a humble and a very learned freind.at age of 55 he left us is un thinkable.i wish i have not met him and his wonderful wife as then pain would have been less at this stage of life.i am so lonely i cannot describe.sadly will miss naveed for ever grk




    On behalf of the Kashmir Diaspora Alliance, I am extremely grieved to hear about the sad passing of Naveed Tajammal on September 12, 2014 at the Shifa Hospital. He was truly a great man with a profound understanding of the ground realities and a firm advocate of unity within the Muslim Ummah, and especially within Pakistan. He was truly a hero and a patriot and countless individuals were beneficiaries of his tireless efforts. Even after his passing, he remains an example for us all.

    Since I reside in Canada, I am unable to attend the prayer ceremony in person. However, I would like to assure you that my prayers are with him, and his entire family. May Allah (SWT) forgive all of his sins and reward him a high place in the hereafter. As well, May Almighty God bless his entire family with patience and peace in this time of great hardship.

  6. Dear Yasmeen,
    May Allah bless the noble soul and give strength to you and kids to bear this great loss.
    Prayed for his Maghfirat in Abu Dhabi after Asr Namaz.

    Zaira and Imamat

  7. Naveed I cannot reconcile with whatever everyone is talking about…….please call me like you always did, I would be waiting, so much to share, so much to talk, and a lot more. I am intentionally not calling your number for the fear you may be away, I can live with it, but what if someone tells me you are far away….no way Naveed no way.

  8. وە ہراِک شَےجوتم سےمُنسلک تھی
    اُس ہراِک شَےمیں تم ہی دِکھ رہےہو
    (مرزارضی الرحمٰن)

  9. Sad to hear about the early demise of Naveed sb. May Allah (SWT) bless his soul with countless blessings in Jannah, Ameen.
    I remember his posts in both forums he always enlightened the group members discussing issues quoting historical facts you will be in our memories Sir.
    I quote here few lines of
    Ahmed Nadeem Qasami in your respect

    Koun kehta hai kay muot
    Aye tuo maar jaoon ga
    Mein touo darya houn
    Sumandar mein utar jaoun ga

    Praying for you and family.

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