A Despairing Toad


By: Sherbano Tajammal Hussain Malik 

a random poem……   Toad

Once, upon a lonesome road,
Met I a sad and despairing toad,
Who croaked a tale filled with such woe,
That it made me feel as though,
My heart had been dipped in ice
The tale was neither sweet nor  nice.
He was of a noble strain,
But he was neither proud nor vain.
He had been betrothed to a frog princess,
The betrothal had caused him great distress,
For though the marriage would bring in union,
A civil war torn amphibian nation,
His heart had been quite set,
Upon a lovely little hornet.
He had proposed that he keep her as  mistress
But the hornet,
Had self respect,
And demanded he break off with the frog princess.
Worried as he was, he sought a remedy,
From a wizard known for being shady,
The wizard quickly sold,
A potion for some gold.
The toad said ruefully,
‘He made a guarantee,
That all my problems would vanish magically.’
And when he drank the potion,
Everyone– just everyone,
All the toads and the frogs,
His hornet and home among the logs,
Vanished into thin air,
Without a rip, nor a tear.
And the wizard had disappeared as well,
Without a sound, glimpse or smell.
And such was the very tragic tale,
Which was admittedly kinda stale,
Of the sad toad!
Upon a lonesome road.

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